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Can i fly a plane or a helicopter which i would have rented from tunisavia?

Why do i have to pay the mobilisation cost of a helicopter to Tunis?
  The fleet of helicopters is based in Sfax.

What vat rate is applied to the hiring of an aircraft?

6% for the transport of passengers and 18% for any other mission in Tunisia.
International flights are VAT  exempt.  

What kind of authorization do i have to obtain for an aerial filming mission?

Download the decree of the Ministry for the Interior (Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia dated  April 5, 1995).

What is the timelimit for obtaining a filming authorization?
  About fifteen days.

What is the flight time taken into account for invoicing a chartered aircraft?
  It is Block/Block time. it is counted from the starting up of engines to their turning off.

What are the new safety measures concerning liquids, gel, creams, and aerosols?
  Download the Tunisian regulation regarding cabin luggage
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