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The objective of TUNISAVIA’s HSSE management system is to eliminate any risk, to transfer it or master it by means of an adequate control system. 

The HSSE management system is integrated within the flight and operation department of TUNISAVIA.

TUNISAVIA has set up: 

  • A policy illustrating the commitment of the Management to HSSE.
  • Specific and quantifiable objectives permitting to assess the performance of the HSSE management system.
  • A plan for risks identification and control. 
  • Tools for following-up and checking the implementation of the HSSE management system in general and planned corrective actions in particular.   

In order to verify the systematic implementation of the HSSE management system and the compliance with the loss control program, TUNISAVIA has planned periodical internal audits relating to all the activities set forth in the HSSE manual.

In this regard, a procedure has been established to describe the rules followed by TUNISAVIA in order to plan, prepare, conduct and close internal audits.

This procedure is applicable to all the components of the HSSE management system and to all TUNISAVIA activities identified in the HSSE manual.

Extracts from Tunisavia HSSE Manual :

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